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Featured Speakers :

 Chris Jones
Chris Jones
Senior Manager of Text Analytics
 Deepak Agarwal
Deepak Agarwal
Director of Relevance Science
 Allison Cerra
Allison Cerra
Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Alcatel-Lucent - Global Sales and Marketing
 Alberto Milani
Alberto Milani
 Ravi Prasad
Ravi Prasad
Head, Strategy, Analytics and Innovation
Liberty Mutual Insurance

Unlock the Value of Big Data for Marketing

Use insights to turn prospects into advocates, brand engagement into revenue potential, targeted ads into direct sales.

Tweets, posts, likes, links, images, videos, chats, comments, surveys, blogs, the customer is generating an estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data, per day. That’s 1 followed by 18 zeros; a billion billion; a million trillion. Growing alongside the data boom, is the heightening demand to utilize this data for the purposes of intelligent and targeted marketing. It's no surprise that recent reports state CMOs are expecting to increase their marketing analytics budget by 60% (cmosurvey.org), and for many marketers, this is a daunting prospect. Marketers are battling to determine where and how to start the journey of integrating Big Data into the marketing strategy and how to secure and demonstrate that critical ROI.

The Big Data for Marketing Forum

At The BDMF, you will learn to harness powerful analytics and the wealth of data sources at your disposal to match the brand promise with the experience.

Gain practical strategies to leverage all that Big Data has to offer:

  • Strategically manage marketing campaigns based on insights across channels, devices and media
  • Leverage actionable analytics tools and capture consumers “in the moment”
  • Best practices from senior marketing executives from a diverse range of industries on how to measure, analyze and act on relevant insights
  • Integrate online and offline monitoring to drive a holistic customer engagement and brand management campaigns
  • Workshops on how to train your marketing department and bridge the marketing and IT skill set
  • And much more…

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Big Data is not only for companies who are so-called “born digital,” it will revolutionize traditional businesses as well. Setting a value-based framework has long term implications for businesses across the board. The Big Data arm race has begun—may the first movers win!

Who Should Attend?

Senior marketing executives with the functions of:

  • Marketing Brand Strategy
  • Digital Analytics
  • Customer Intelligence Marketing
  • Strategy and Innovation
  • Global Marketing
  • Customer Relationship and Engagement
  • Brand Innovation
  • Marketing and Communications

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